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Wallpapers for a day
Legendary Windows 7 Desktop Widgets are back on Windows 10!
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0.9 beta
Hundreds of high quality photos from talented photographers from all over the world on your desktop, no compression, always in Full HD, and forever free.
Cool widgets we all adored on Windows 7 are back on Windows 10! Clock, system information, weather, news and currencies are shown on the wallpapers.
Additional effects such as blur or darkening help you create your own style for the wallpapers.
• Wallpapes
• Wallpapes
• Widgets
• Extensions
$7 annually
Legendary Windows 7 Desktop Widgets are back on Windows 10! Every day Veil sets a different HQ background to your desktop, also adding widgets to it: clock, system information, and cool effects like blur. Add your favorite wallpapers to bookmarks, save them to your computer, install them on your phone with a link or QR code. Veil prevents Windows from compressing the image because the quality of your wallpapers is our priority. If you don’t like the current wallpaper, our program has a time machine feature which takes you back or to the next day so you can see a different one prepared for you. There’s more wallpapers, widgets and effects with each new update.